Dorian Silver

Dorian’s father died when he was young, and his mother re-married into a nobleman’s family in, Orlians, Silvershire where he spent his youth being pampered and catered to against his will. Often he would change his clothes and sneak out of his step-father’s estate to search for treasure and play with the children from the surrounding neighborhood. Though his step-father always suspected that he was sneaking out when unexplained cuts and bruises appeared on him, his mother covered his exploits, knowing that it was in his blood to be mischevious.

When he turned 18, a strange affliction befelled him that caused him great pain. His mother feared for the worst, the curse of the Holonoc line had again manifested. Knowing that this was the case, she began to instruct him secretly in the ways of magic which had been the way of the family since its beginning. This seemed to stem the affliction, but it remained.

When he turned 21 he had an arguement with his step-father where they parted on the worst of terms. He left to become a monster hunter, combining his love of swordplay and exploration. However, in these times, there is little work for his chosen profession, and so, using his magics, he began to create his own work. Occationally his plans backfire, causing him to leave one city to travel to another. He lives a life of endings and new beginnings, only occationally returning home to visit his mother and step-sisters when his father is away.

His most recent hunting ground: Shireson, Silvershire

Dorian Silver

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