Ser Siyis "Wintersong"

(Players notes)

Siyis is a very old character, who often interacted with society much in the way Dr Who or Vash the Stampede has. Any character who has knowledge of devils or history will have heard stories about Wintersong, these stories vary based on education and race or nationality. In some nations Wintersong functions as a faerie like Jack Frost symbol, in some he is the Grim Reaper and everything in between. In nations that are fearful of Devils or monsters Wintersong is often used a cliche devil to be fearful of. Never the greatest evil like Satan, often a halloween monster like The Headless Horseman or again the Grim Reaper.

More often than not, if Siyis introduces himself as Wintersong people take this as a joke, similar to the way people react to Vash the Stampede simply because he does not look the part of a monster. Only people who see him perform acts of great evil/good [such as conjuring a blizzard] would have any reason to believe him.

Siyis is the name that the devil “Wintersong” goes by currently, he has a true name that is standard of all devils but he does not share it lightly because knowledge of a devils true name makes them easy targets for binding. Siyis was chosen because it is a Palindrome.


The name “Wintersong” appears in various tomes and texts extending as far back as history can. Cultures have used the name for everything from a creature that brings winter and calls great storms to a chilly grim reaper, mothers use the name Wintersong to scare their children in their beds at night. lands have used the name to evoke images of dread and warning to keep those of the faint of heart from venturing further. The story of Wintersong must be cobbled together from multiple sources and may never be truly understood without a first hand recounting.

Perception DC 10

Before you sits a man of average height and average build, his face is cut well and he is bears a sort of handsomeness that is found in paintings of generations long past. As if the man is not of this world. His hair is chopped short to the sides save for a long braid that hangs over his right shoulder wound tightly with leather cord. For some reason you feel slightly colder when you are near him.

Perception DC 25

In the night and the shade, the man’s eyes glow with a pale gold. A long, thin tail extends from his backside and ends with a hook. He wears many scars, on his hands it looks as though he once had claws but they were removed. His forehead bears significant scaring as though there were once horns that were removed.

Knowledge (Religion) DC 25

Wintersong is spoken of as a terrible general of devils in the oldest of wars. It is said that Wintersong lead a mighty charge on Vallum himself with a legion of one million daemons, who all fell with a wave of vallum’s hand. Wintersong was so fearsome that he barreled into single combat with the god. The books of the order say that Vallum threw Wintersong’s severed head back into the fires of the Fury with a mighty heave and says no more of Wintersong.

Knowledge (Religion/ The Order) DC 30

Although most of the records are lost on how exactly The Order came into being, there exists passages in which the “Prophet Knight” Cornelius Magnus meets a daemon disguised as a man matching Wintersong’s description. The daemon details with vivid imagery about The Plane of Fury, it’s inhabitants, and why devils target mortal men for their souls with wicked contracts. – “All mortals want power and all are bent by the promise of structure and law in the hereafter no matter how wicked.”
In some of the world’s oldest churches there exist reliefs and glass work of this event, however the passages have been removed from the standard texts of the order ever since the church came to the conclusion that all gods are facets of the true god. The writings of Magnus were no longer considered relevant or important enough in comparison to the new gospel.

Knowledge (Planes/ Elven History) DC 25

Wintersong is known as one of the last of the ice devils, having hunted down and killed many of his own kind. The goddess Minavre for his treachery banished him from the Plane of Fury, but bound him to servitude eternal. He now resides at the border of life and death, awaiting the souls damned to the plane of fury, he guides them to their final resting place reciting their sins and taking from them their earthly possessions.

Knowledge (Any Crafting Skill/Dwarven History) DC 25

In the ancient runes of the Dwarven kingdom, in a language studied by only the most devoted of scholars. There depicted the harrowing legend of Groban Stonescorch, who fought the devil Wintersong. Groban wore a sacred cloak of fire to protect him from Wintersong’s frigid breath, and after a great earth rumbling struggle, took the horns from the devil’s head which were carved and used to call his brothers into battle.

Knowledge (Daemon History) DC 25

In the books of Kashesk Gruul, which sing songs of his glory and embellish his victories, it is said that he dined at a table with Wintersong, and Gruul’s cunning and guile were so great that he stole Wintersong’s sight, leaving him to view the world in mortal eyes. The books of Kashesk Gruul depict Wintersong in many mocking ways, calling him a coward for attempting to talk Kashesk out of war, and eventually naming him a traitor who is killed by Gruul for his

Knowledge (Nobility/ Human History) DC 25

In the scrolls of Gallad, Wintersong is depicted as a wise but dangerous voice in the ear of Agmund Gall├úd, who forged a wicked bargain with Wintersong. The wise devil agreed to trick his fellow daemons into fighting amongst eachother, thereby allowing Agmund to defeat them and defend Naerune. Wintersong demanded the souls of Agmund’s daughters in the bargain, but it is said in the scrolls that Agmund slays Wintersong with a holy sword, refusing to allow the devil to take his children from him. The story is often told to nobile children to warn against dealing with devils.

Knowledge (Nature) DC 25

A creature with a similiar description and name to Wintersong is cited within the folklore of the Muai, who say the winter god struggles constantely with a serpent of fire, this was used as a mythological way to explain the cycle of seasons.

Knowledge (Engineering/ Aasaurian History) DC 25

Wintersong was a common character in propaganda used against Aasauria in the years leading up to it’s fall. It was said that Wintersong whispered into the ear of the evil Aasaurian king, and poisoned him against the true ways of the gods.

Knowledge (Nature/Religion) DC 30

The followers of the High Obad site Wintersong as being one of the High Obad’s sentinels in the sculpting of the vast dream plane that the High Obad resides over, saying that wintersong was a spirit who need not sleep or eat, and stood vigilant over the High Obad as he lay defenseless
and slept for a century.

Knowledge (Local) DC 15

One of the most well known celebrations in the northern climbs of Reddima and other human settlements is the Feast of Winter’s Song. It was believed in ancient times that a great king of blizzards resided in the mountains, and only by offering up food and wine would he be merciful and keep the ice from the crops of farmers. Apart from the feast it is common practice to select a girl to represent the festival as it’s queen.

Young girls are told growing up that in order to become the queen of the festival they must learn the “winter’s song” in order to enchant the king of blizzards and earn his favor. Children also sing the Winter’s song in hopes of receiving gifts in their shoes the morning after the feast. Usually in the form of clothes to keep them safe from the cold. [however, every adult knows that these gifts usually come from the parents of the child.]

Knowledge (Arcana/ The Tower) DC 30

In the tome “Anatomy of a Daemon: A brief glimpse at the Fury” There details the many anatomical and psychological differences and similarities of Daemons to Elves and other races of creatures. Within the older copies of the tome, the ones in the back of ancient libraries there is a curious drawing of a dissected Daemon which is used for scientific purposes. You could swear the sterile sketching looks similar to descriptions of Wintersong

Knowledge (Arcana/ Linguistics) DC 40

When Wintersong casts spells in battle he often speaks in a strange tongue. The language he speaks is an Ancient one, in many languages today simply referred to as “Ancient.” It is said that the spells studied and cast within towers today came from mages who spoke Ancient and crafted a great many spells with it. Some believe these words were used in the oldest of times to shape the world around them.

Detect Magic

Wintersong possesses an aura of Neutral Good, it hums with a bright bluish white tint. It hugs his form closely as a halo except in the area of his hands, head and back where they seem to diminish slightly. Wintersong wears armor enhanced to increase its durability, at his hip is a curious Scabbard which is also enchanted similar to a bag of holding, this Scabbard is often obscured by his lightly enchanted magic cloak. Around his neck there is a magic locket, the purpose of which is hard for you to discern. Looking directly at Wintersong too long may lead to heavy fascination or temporary blindness.

Ser Siyis "Wintersong"

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